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(989) 567-0052

Dr. Butters said

Never heard of this organization! and of all places Shepard, MI.

(989) 325-0036

feel me said

im sick of calls from this number

(989) 751-0000

Anon said

Keeps calling and texting nonstop

(989) 244-0022

Mama said

They call and disguise there voice and just keep saying hello hello hello it's becoming rediculius

(989) 461-0117

Janice said

Left message threatening legal proceedings if I did not return their call. Did not identify themselves.

(989) 461-0137

op said

Scam call which goes like this: This is the message that was left: "Officer Edward Jonathan calling you from the legal department of internal revenue services. This is in reference to a criminal law suit filed against you your case number is iR 7416 the moment you receive this message. I need you to return the call the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive the hotline to my desk is 989-461-0134. I repeat. It's 989-461-0134 don't disregard this message do return the call now if you don't return the call, and I don't hear from your attorney either then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation unfolds on you. Goodbye. " A few seconds later a female voice: "Goodbye." Clearly sounds like a robocall recorded and that they forgot to eliminate "goodbye from previous cal

(989) 461-0137

Boston said

Scammer claiming to be the IRS and that I am being sued. The IRS does not call. They send information by mail. If you get this call DO NOT give them any personal information. If you are really uncertain, hang up and call back the IRS at their actual phone number listed on their website.

(989) 577-0110

Dick said

Got a call, no message, i dont know anyone in MI

(989) 443-0099

James said

I got a call and never got her name

(989) 459-0014

Jo said

Claiming to be obamacare

(989) 461-0069

joe said

Says donald j trump

(989) 575-0113

Lani said

Scammer looking for identity information. Block them.

(989) 404-0042

sabisch trupain said

yep.. for eight years been retired moved to the midwest to start a new life.. im just a artist... draw and paint pictures. play steel guitar, mandolin, banjo, eletric and also bass guitar. full drum set. but i gotta say the steel guitar is by far my favorite.. last eight years been sick.. but. somehow manage to write unlimited amout of songs.. Christian, country, old time rock n roll, blues r my favorite.. everyone calls me sabisch truepain..

(989) 404-0042


sabisch truepain is awesome. and plays boogie woogie blues all day long. happest person i ever met "let the good times roll"

(989) 832-0109

vc said

Who is this

(989) 461-0033

William said

Said the were from Sirius radio. Lots of back ground noise. Seemed very sketchy

(989) 945-0032

irritated said

Got a call from 989-945-0032. Sounded like a telemarketer. After I answered the phone, he responded with, "Hi, how you doing?" I said, "Good," and asked what I could do for him. He didn't respond. All I could hear was all the other telemarketing calls going on in the background.

(989) 575-0102



(989) 575-0101

jl said

why can't our " great Gov" do something about this?

(989) 575-0102



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