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(985) 218-0066

Veruca S. said

Keeps calling about classes of some kind. Don't answer if they call because I tried to be nice and informed I wasn't interested because I was already enrolled and they kept asking me what I'm interested in and that they have classes for me. They do not listen.

(985) 218-0066

Dude said

Was a call about taking educational classes for job training. She asked if I was interested and I said No I'm not. Must have been a robot because after I said no she asked which class am I interested in. That's when I hung up.

(985) 218-0066

tom said

It's some gay escort so I hung up!

(985) 249-0261


Keeps calling here and asking for Jennifer and saying they are going to prosecute by what ever means it takes. No Jennifer lives here or ever has in the 43 yrs we own the house. Whats up with this?

(985) 381-0034

metal said

(985) 218-0066

JP said

i ask who is this and they say something about " oh thats another department!" and hang up! ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(985) 218-0066

Yo said

No one says anything

(985) 212-0044

LG said

I got a call from this number 10-24-14. No message.

(985) 703-0017

? said

Very Angry Ignorant and Ghetto black female

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