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(979) 776-0090

Will said


(979) 606-0061

Randy said

They continue to call for my wife but will not give me any information due to, "The nature of the call." I want to know who this is.

(979) 616-0152

Peewee said

Bad message lier

(979) 730-0073

Bo said

Called trying to sell me solar.

(979) 203-0185

kumar said


(979) 606-0025

Nate said

I just want to know who is this calling every couple of days and not saying anything on my vmail or when I call back they don't say anything.

(979) 229-0194

lemonparty said

Harasses people via SMS.

(979) 255-0029

Juhree said

Who is it?

(979) 272-0111

sssss said


(979) 823-0085

Mark said

business under new owner

(979) 237-0141

BF said

No message left, called me at midnight!

(979) 255-0009

jlh said

Called cell. No message, telemarketer.

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