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(973) 985-0002

Legit? said

I don't know does anyone know

(973) 985-0002

weird said

butt model? really, is this safe???

(973) 630-0008

kk said

The caller didn't realize they didn't hang up (when I didn't answer) so it went to v-mail. On the message I could hear the caller typing and in the background I heard another person making cold calls asking for information. He said his name was Roberto or Emberto.

(973) 939-0023

Raccio said

Called 3 times in 30 seconds. Of course, left no message. What an annoyance these calls are!

(973) 939-0023

andy h said

called .. left no message

(973) 939-0023

Alisha said

Called nd left no message.

(973) 939-0023

jm said

called but left no message.

(973) 939-0023

chompie said

call, left no message

(973) 630-0008

GG said

Same thing here. Do not answer anything from this number its related to some sort of scam.

(973) 630-0008

NK said

The caller was trying to confirm personal details about me on my work number but was not willing to answer the reason for the call....ridiculous! These kind of callers should be reported to the authorities and media.

(973) 735-0024

Gloria said

I just received 2 calls, back to back form this number... I didn't answer the calls and they left no message... a scam of some sorrt, I'm sure. I'm on the do not call liist, but, continute to received numerous sale and scam calls. JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER ONE FROM THIS NUMBER... ONLY RANG ONCE!!!

(973) 932-0008

Ra said

(973) 731-0017

po said

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