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(970) 366-0118

kl said

(970) 423-0002

JD said

Called, rang 4 times, left no message.

(970) 924-0031

Taraak said

Yes, who is this?

(970) 595-0214

nick said

I receive many text messages from this number very rude and sexual in nature. I don't appreciate it I understand this phone is from Yuma County in Colorado I did check and I believe it is either a burner phone or Internet Voip phone. Beware!!

(970) 376-0135

L said

lots of pry calls

(970) 571-0135

mich said

I don't know whose number is it

(970) 535-0120

nancy said

Call claims to Be collections for jcpennies

(970) 376-0113

Tim said

Got 2 calls from this number

(970) 310-0005

usmarshall said

This guy is a twisted sexually deviant sicko..........he sexually assaulted my girlfriend at work. Be careful if he calls you, and beat his ass. Im planning on it soon !!!

(970) 315-0021

Foco no call listed said

Calls for 1 - 2 rings then hangs up before I pick up the phone.

(970) 315-0021

gamaiijet said

I keep getting calls from this number, but leaves no message

(970) 315-0021

Something said

Called Don't know who

(970) 315-0038

2Much said

This UNKNOWN NAME person/company just called at 3:30 PM on 7/23/2014 and proceeded to let the phone ring for the next 20 minutes - no exaggeration. I never answered, so I don't know who they were (not that I would anyway) or what they wanted. This is about the fifth time in the last couple of months that this has happened, although I don't know if this is the same calling number.

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