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(954) 393-0026

Eugene said

They call regularly, never leave a message and so are ignored.

(954) 393-0022

Andrew said

I get numerous calls from this number per day. I will not pick up and they will not leave a message.

(954) 602-0031

JDC said


(954) 315-0047

tom said

(954) 388-2250

Jonathan said

Some guy offering $10,000 per month. Sounds fishy

(954) 315-0047

Canadian said

It's the Jet Smart app call center. If you inquired about their services they call from this number :)

(954) 326-0024

John said

Who is this

(954) 614-0038

Dana said

Who number is this

(954) 315-0031

phone explore said

called today. no mesage

(954) 341-0034

Sammi said

Who is this

(954) 530-0093

Roy said

This person keeps calling and not leaving a voicemail. What gives?

(954) 324-8800

KLA said

Got a call yesterday from them in the middle of a school function :-O and again today at the same time from Sophia with some travel place that i have a credit. This "type" of call i have recieved before and blocked their number.... now they have a NEW number to call from. I told this lady to put me on their do not call list! im sure there is none and they will call again from a different number after i block this one AGAIN! What pests!

(954) 324-8800

kLA said

Same here! and i keep blocking and they keep calling a couple of months later..

(954) 324-8800

Deb said

Time share cruise package. They call one after another. I blocked the number and had a quite time for about 90 days but they have started back up. Just a scam and I ignore the calls now. They threatened to charge my credit card for a cruise that i did not purchase or take, yada yada yada. I told them to go ahead since they didn't have one on file. God bless them.

(954) 324-8800

Dang said

In 2005, I received an ad through fax at work for a vacation to Florida. I paid $400 for a trip to Florida, and was never able to use it. BEWARE: this is a scam! They call me every 6 months since 2005! Just don't pick up the phone when you see numbers from this area code.

(954) 941-0006

Anna said

Coral Springs/Broward Medical collections

(954) 606-5303

Jonathan said

Got this text: D.ial (954)606-5303 to have your p rize sent Spam. Presumably a scam.

(954) 324-8800

Jill said

This number keeps calling me. Almost so much that it seems like they are hanging up and calling right back. Even as late as 9 at night. super frustrating.

(954) 324-8800

Candace said

They call me at least twice a day. I just ignore it. I thought about blocking it but they call from other numbers too. I bought a cruise package with Celebration something back in 2012 and paid $600.00 for it, but was never able to take the cruise. They call me all the time asking why I haven't taken it and then at one point when they were first calling me, they told me that since I didn't take the trip, I owed them $900.00. I was like "Whaaat???" I paid them for the cruise! They got their money and I basically ate the $600.00 they got for FREE! So they try to sell me stuff now and I just never answer it.

(954) 324-8800

CR said

Yes - same MO for the call as others reported. Will not remove my number from their call list. Tried blocking phone number but they change numbers frequently so the calls never end.

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