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(954) 585-0109

Teo said

Call and hang up very fast, all day long: 8/29/2017

(954) 602-0028

Adrianne said

Pushy sales call from "Nina" trying to push a scam /dating service called It's Just Lunch

(954) 393-0026

Eugene said

They call regularly, never leave a message and so are ignored.

(954) 393-0022

Andrew said

I get numerous calls from this number per day. I will not pick up and they will not leave a message.

(954) 602-0031

JDC said


(954) 315-0047

tom said

(954) 388-2250

Jonathan said

Some guy offering $10,000 per month. Sounds fishy

(954) 315-0047

Canadian said

It's the Jet Smart app call center. If you inquired about their services they call from this number :)

(954) 326-0024

John said

Who is this

(954) 614-0038

Dana said

Who number is this

(954) 315-0031

phone explore said

called today. no mesage

(954) 341-0034

Sammi said

Who is this

(954) 530-0093

Roy said

This person keeps calling and not leaving a voicemail. What gives?

(954) 324-8800

KLA said

Got a call yesterday from them in the middle of a school function :-O and again today at the same time from Sophia with some travel place that i have a credit. This "type" of call i have recieved before and blocked their number.... now they have a NEW number to call from. I told this lady to put me on their do not call list! im sure there is none and they will call again from a different number after i block this one AGAIN! What pests!

(954) 324-8800

kLA said

Same here! and i keep blocking and they keep calling a couple of months later..

(954) 324-8800

Deb said

Time share cruise package. They call one after another. I blocked the number and had a quite time for about 90 days but they have started back up. Just a scam and I ignore the calls now. They threatened to charge my credit card for a cruise that i did not purchase or take, yada yada yada. I told them to go ahead since they didn't have one on file. God bless them.

(954) 324-8800

Dang said

In 2005, I received an ad through fax at work for a vacation to Florida. I paid $400 for a trip to Florida, and was never able to use it. BEWARE: this is a scam! They call me every 6 months since 2005! Just don't pick up the phone when you see numbers from this area code.

(954) 941-0006

Anna said

Coral Springs/Broward Medical collections

(954) 606-5303

Jonathan said

Got this text: D.ial (954)606-5303 to have your p rize sent Spam. Presumably a scam.

(954) 324-8800

Jill said

This number keeps calling me. Almost so much that it seems like they are hanging up and calling right back. Even as late as 9 at night. super frustrating.

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