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(951) 707-4471

Kc said

Every day at least 3 times a day

(951) 566-0012

xxix said

I just received a call from a lady stating that one of my friends (she gave a name) used me as a reference and that she needed my friends phone number. I asked her where she was calling from and she stated Loan Me. She said it was very important that she got a hold of my friend and again asked for their number. I told her that I do not feel comfortable giving their personal information out and if my friend used me as a reference they she should have their number. The whole thing was sketchy and I offered to take her number and give it to my friend and she didn't want to do that, so I guess it wasn't that important.

(951) 707-4467

Jonathan said

Called early evening. I answered but nobody was there.

(951) 520-0003

steven said

16 calls in 5 mins i will find them

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