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(949) 600-0053

Nnn said

Who is this? Butt dial over and over.

(949) 202-0029

another office said

irritating robo calls

(949) 202-0029

office said

number calls us all the time and hangs up as soon as we answer. I called the number back and told them to take us off their list and Will said, "You Bet" and hung up on. So I called again and Michael answered, I told him I needed to speak to someone who won't hang up on me and he seemed confused so I explained that I was just hung up on and that we are tired of getting calls with no one on the other line and he tried arguing with me. I hung up on him because it was ridiculous. They're with "Dental Genius" so I'm considering calling their main company to complain.

(949) 202-0029

liz said

received a call from this number. came up on caller ID as VOIP Caller... no one on the other line

(949) 599-0028

Scott said

They just called I answered and then they said they have to call back and hung up

(949) 228-0166

Ryan said

Me too. Not sure who

(949) 599-0028

Peeved said

"Dana' told me we had talked before and I was interested in their green technology. I told him he was a liar and he started cussing and hung up. IF anybody has a physical address for these morons,I'd like to get it to escalate prosecution of these scofflaws...

(949) 930-0028

Frank S said

They call every day around 4 my time and do not leave a message.

(949) 350-0228

Sarah said

I got 4 calls from this number yesterday. No messages. Just calling over and over. I suspect it is spam.

(949) 599-0028

Hugo said

When I track these fukkers down I will kill them. They call me every other day. Then either hang up or say 'Hi John' and then hang up. What is their problem??? If they are telemarketers they suck at their job.

(949) 599-0028

Me said

Calls daily.

(949) 903-0057

Dave said

She is totally Grazy rasicm woman. She is said she is real estate agent and she told me oh don't kill me .. Totally Grazy drinker ... Woman... Fat and full of acne on face

(949) 599-0030

Roscoe said

Called number, it'a always busy.

(949) 208-0024

EGC said

They claim to be called Better Business Bureau and that they have a certified check for you for 1.1 million dollars with a bonus of $26,000.00 in cash. To get the check you have to pay insurance for $599.00 and your check would be deliovered the next day plus $26,000.00 in cash. The check comes from a raffle in which I was a winner, my name was obtained from a purchase made at a major outlet. The mans name is (David McAllister), I did not believe him and I think it is a SCAM som I declined the offer and hung up.

(949) 599-0025

Enough of this said

The number shows up as 949-599-025 and no message, just calls after calls after calls. I won't answer if I don't recognize the number.

(949) 232-0011

Hate Scammers said

Low life scum, sorry excuse for humans, these are foreign people trying to steel your information and money. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Do not answer do not give them any information

(949) 200-0033

David said

I got a call twice. Not sure what it is.

(949) 600-0015

shelby said

who are you

(949) 988-0017

Joey said

This person texted me crazy texts.

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