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(928) 228-0004

lkj said

(928) 242-0077

Laurie said

Just wanted to know the name before I call the number comes up no name

(928) 297-0017


Received call. Do not know anyone in Navajo Detention Center.

(928) 533-3944

admin said


(928) 386-0160

Norman said

The fellow I talked to was not happy that I did not buy into his scam, he called me SOB

(928) 297-0017

Dee porter said

Take these calls

(928) 297-0017


Please acvept these calls. It is my noy, and i would love to talk to him.

(928) 482-0082

SMR said

I get several calls a week from this number and never a message. It's just annoying as this is a business phone.

(928) 288-0017

Sissy said

Some dude claiming I left my number on his car stating that I dented his fender & scratched his tail light. I am nowhere near that area and have been at work all day- someone needs to lay off the drugs

(928) 288-0000

anna said

Prank calls from this number

(928) 297-0017


Apparently it's a number for the Navajo county adult detention facility. I hung up on them because I don't understand Spanish. I contacted the county sheriff and they didn't recognize the number.

(928) 271-0023

Lorne said

They keep calling and hanging up.

(928) 482-0084

hellsangel said

Do not answer. Automated system but when you Call back a very rude guy answers and wants to know what you're driving where you currently love.. etc. asking you how your Ford silverado is doing...

(928) 482-0078

yvonne said

sick of these calls and i hate the internet generated numbers too

(928) 482-0084

Sin said

Got call from this number. When I picked up there was no one on other end.

(928) 482-0078

Jenn said

Yes and I held on for 15 mins an pressed 1 when he said to. got connected with an operator and got my number taken off. They asked my name and I said you don't need to know my name just take my number off list.

(928) 853-0201

Kris said

No, I have a job interview and I don't know at which location it's being held!

(928) 482-0081

rapple said

I have gotten numberous calls from this number about my vehicles warranty expiring. I told him I would lawyer up and report them to the FCC. He suggested that I should and hung up on me.

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