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(919) 302-0007

elmo said

i just got this call 1/2/18... he said it was "Will" and would call me back.

(919) 355-0026

anon said

its a rep from western governors university

(919) 925-1697

ticked off said

Subject (Joe?) calls and continually asks about the status of my disability claim. It appears he is trying to get you to say "yes" to his questions. The police have told me to never say "Yes" when these low life individuals call. They are known to take advantage of the elderly.

(919) 355-0026

H said

They've called once a day for a few days and leave a message but say nothing.

(919) 925-1700

Jan said

Yes, calls back to back everyday!!! Leaves no message!

(919) 925-1700

marge said

no message

(919) 925-1700

Sarah said

I received at least once week a call from this phone number. When the phone call comes through, then it will call back one or two more times....

(919) 925-1700

Emm said

Says his name Scott calling about Social Security I filed. Only I did not file a claim for Social Security. Calls again and again.

(919) 925-1700

starburst said

Called again left no message

(919) 925-1700

starburst said

Yes. ..what is this number that keeps calling !!

(919) 255-0056

sam said

(919) 925-1699

Dave said

Once a week, they never leave a message.

(919) 714-0001

Franklin said

Got a message left on my cell phone that stated a case number and that my name (not given on the call at all) had an arrest warrant placed by the "Bureau of Investigation Crime Department" and that I should turn myself in to the nearest police department. They did say to call this number back to fix things. They never stated the reason of the complaint, never said who filed the complaint, and never gave identified who they were calling. Filed a complain with FTC.

(919) 714-0001

Kesha West said

Called said I had a warrant I told him I work in the warrants division I live in Arkansas

(919) 714-0001

micky said

Got a robo call that said there was a federal warrant out for my arrest and to call this number back (919-714-0001) and ask for David Berkin. First off they don't use robo callers to contact people about a warrant. Secondly, they didn't even identify a state/locality which is ridiculous. The spoken English was improper which was another tell. Don't call back!!! Just ignore - it's a SCAM!

(919) 714-0001

ky man said

well I got a call today I was on the other line so they left a voice message. said they were calling from the Kentucky State Sheriff's Department, if anyone knows anything about Kentucky is the Kentucky State Police and each county has its own sheriff's department named after the county. nevertheless the gentleman's name was Watson and headed some rather disturbing news for me that there was a federal warrant out for me if I didn't surrender to my local Kentucky State Sheriff's Department said they would come to my residence or my place of employment. Needless to say the gentleman had a Middle Eastern accent and why would a call come through from North Carolina if my local department had a warrant for me something needs to be done about this this is just getting ridiculous.

(919) 714-0001

TP said

LOL just got a call from 911....ummm why is 911 calling any who...the non speaking english man on the phone asked if i recieved papers from officer alex watson...interesting being the fact that I am an officer i didnt recieve he would not tell me what it was about and told me to call Officer Watson. I laughed and decided I'll give ol' Watson a call to humor myself since i was told i have a didnt know us in law enforcement called people about warrants.. sure as hell know my dept doesnt. LOL so i called ol' watson and he put me on hold. I didnt hang on long enough to laugh at him...SMH what a shame!

(919) 714-0001

Richard said

I will surrender to my county at breakfast.

(919) 264-0007

yan said

Received random texts for "ManEaterTV" from this number. Seriously considering stalking this faggot.

(919) 714-0001

Cheryl said

I got a voice message today and said there will be a arrest if I don't pay my loan for 602.00. My husband called and wanted to see why we owe a loan which we didn't get a loan in NC. We live in fla. Couldn't understand the guy and He asked him why we didn't get a notice in the mail and he couldn't answer that question. Should we call the police about this scam ???

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