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(904) 474-0008

Brian said

Health insurance

(904) 297-0007

Larry A said

Got call from someone with very strong accent. He said before he goes farther he needs some information from me, so I told him, "He's my info.... I'm on both the National and Florida Do Not Call lists and if I get another call from you, I'll turn it over to my attorney. He said ok and hung up".....

(904) 474-0004

CJ said

No message left. No name with caller ID.

(904) 515-0040

Kel said

Yes...not sure who it is.

(904) 474-0008

yak said

me too no VM just rang

(904) 652-0026

Edwards said

In 3 days, I have received 9 text messages and 5 phone calls. If I was in cell range I might have responded/maybe not. Not sure why I am getting these calls. They say that they are following up on a computer inquiry from a couple of days ago. Since I have been off the grid for the last 10 days, they are mistaking I have inquired. Kind of borders on stalking someone. Imagine my surprise when I got back into range and all these messages all popped up. Like there was an emergency somewhere. They will text me to tell me they are calling in 5 minutes to catch me on my lunch break at work. Why would they assume i want to waste my lunch break. Blocked the number.

(904) 474-0008

Greg said

I keep getting periodic calls from this number and they never leave a message so I added them to my call block.

(904) 297-0007

Joanna said

company trying to sell extended warranty on car. But they will tell you you must decide to extend before the call ends due to vehicles age blah blah... So I hung up. Its a pressure tactic.

(904) 474-0008

binks said

Well ur an stinkers for dat

(904) 487-0010

Just some guy said

This guy is maintenance for Mathews Crossing. He is a stupid redneck that has no business trying to fix anything.

(904) 297-0010

Peggy said

904-297-0010. Three phone calls from this number today. Caller ID shows "unknown name." The number is located in Green Cove Springs, Florida, but I have no idea of who it belongs to nor why they would be calling me. I attempted to call the number but it will not ring so I guess they don't have incoming calls. Makes me think it is a scammer. I'll report it to the Florida Attorney General tomorrow.

(904) 474-0008

VS said

Health Insurance Services, boiler room call.

(904) 297-0007

GrammyBoomFire said

Called, answering machine picked up, and then a very nasally younger guy hesitantly, as though looking for the name, asked for a family member ....did not leave any message .....the ID showed from Green Cove Springs, but when I did a search it came from Mariners Apartment complex in Mayport, Duval Co., FL . ???? Have been getting huge numbers of spam over the last 3-4 months on all DO NOT CALL LISTS .....

(904) 297-0018

Charles said

I answered and no one responded. I then redial ed the number and no one picked up. Caller ID states Green Cove Springs.

(904) 505-0005

Mia said

No message c/b and get a machine Says its Sally

(904) 564-0003

Tim said

(904) 515-0044

me2 said

I did and from other sequential numbers also

(904) 474-0008

Bill said

called a few times no message

(904) 504-0044

Max said

this is not the real number it is a spoof number that someone hacked . I had it traced.

(904) 297-0017

Annon said

Called and no msg left.

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