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(888) 656-3954

Bill said

Texas Entertainment Parties complete waste of money. Scammers. Girls do not match the photos. Do not stay entire paid for time. Do not use this company.

(888) 222-4227

Jonathan said

Multiple calls. No message left. Who is this?

(888) 888-8888

wokenup said

got a call at 3am. woke me up but rang off before i could answer

(888) 844-7660

Ben said

Allstarentertainers honest review: Trashed our party. The woman we called sent us photos of hot chicks. Then the girls texted us fake pics. Did they not think we would notice when they showed up? If they'd been hot it would've been fine. But these chicks looked terrible. Both were meth head skinny and ratchet.

(888) 844-7660

Gene said

Allstarevententertainers is a CON. LIARS and THIEVES. Don't make a reservation with them. The girls will NOT be the ones pictured. They will NOT be hot. They WILL however, leave BEFORE the time you paid for. They also WILL charge MORE for getting even topless once they get there (though we had already paid hundreds). 20$ a song. EACH. OR they will leave. Totally sucked. Beware.

(888) 844-7660

Stan said Makes promises that are false. Agent will lie and you will waste your money here. Girls were overweight and not hot. Fake photos sent by agent on and girls.

(888) 844-7660

Ron. said is a SCAM. Rip OFF. BEWARE. This agency scammed me, the girls charged more money after we paid initial fee. Agent would not refund money.

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