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(864) 618-0017

Tom said

Received numerous calls from some one in India - very rude, crude and obnoxious in his language. Phone line needs to be disconnected for fraud as he states I owe them money and threaten to take money from my bank account.

(864) 618-0017

John said

This number calls me. I don't answer and they won't leave a message. Having issues with some fraudulent computer company calling named Prime Technologies LLC. Looked them up in SC Better Business Bureau. Not good. Don't answer.

(864) 207-0013

Vic said

Robot call

(864) 963-0035

jane said

It's a SCAM. Watch out. They'll tell you that you have won a round trip to somewhere or a cruise to the Bahamas. ah ah ah ah

(864) 551-0124

D said

Yes, claiming hackers have got into her phone and the FBI and CIA ignore her requests.

(864) 715-0192

Bethany said

I got a call around 1:30am and they hung up after I Said hello so I called back to see if something was wrong maybe a friend gave my number out but I didn't know. When I did callback what sounded like a middle aged or older man answers and says hello and when I said who is this before I could say anything else he hangs up on me again it just startled me because most people who have the wrong number are going to say there sorry or ask to speak to someone else this wasn't right. Has anyone else got a call like this from this same number before?

(864) 990-0120

Ryan said

Just wanted to nw who cald????

(864) 952-0006

hearoldo said


(864) 832-0082

edwards said

got a call from this number, didnt answer. no message was left.

(864) 706-0006

cookie said

(864) 378-0039

alys4e said

(864) 505-0059

sk said

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