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(860) 975-0004

Britt said

I've had two missed calls from this number today. One was at 1:47pm and the other at 1:50pm.

(860) 975-0004

Cat said

Twice today, called back but no dial tone heard.

(860) 975-0004

Tony said

This is not a Phone number rather this is an FAX# of an Insurance company called AETNA. People will fax the documents to this number if they want to reach AETNA.

(860) 975-0001

Devin said

They left a message saying they're trying to contact me.

(860) 975-0004


yes, just block them they called me 10 times in an hour this morning!

(860) 975-0004

Kristine said

Obnoxious! Seems to be that they are trying to send a fax from this number and there's no way to get ahold of them to tell them this is not a fax number! Unfortunately this is an office and I cannot leave the phone off the hook.

(860) 487-0003

Patient said

It is a legit number...a doctor's office. They called me about scheduling an appointment.

(860) 975-0004

Terry T said

Missed multiple calls from this number today. No message.

(860) 975-0004

Steve said

5 calls at ~830am. There was no response when I answered, just a periodic beeping. It stopped when I rejected the call.

(860) 975-0004

chuck said

called at 2:24, 2:26, 2:29m, 2:35 caller id says middletown ct

(860) 975-0004

Rachel said

I got called 10 times from 5:00 - 5:50 a.m. from this number. It didn't stop after call 10 so I took the phone off the hook. All attempts to call back this number were not received by the caller.

(860) 975-0004

John Zhang said

I have received calls from this number many time today.

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