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(859) 898-0004

jay said

(859) 475-0336

kyhoney said

Called number back, and received a recorded message, that all representatives were busy, but to hold! I hung up, because this number had been on my id box before, and could not get through to talk to anyone.

(859) 994-0013

ugh said

Another spammer who calls repeatedly and doesn't leave a message

(859) 475-0336

Dee Dee said

Was asked for husband and I told them he wasn't home and they got mad at me for saying so. I called the number back spoke with a brian beckman and was told phone call being monitored, that I couldn't talk with about husband because of privacy laws, that they had sent out a letter regarding credit matter, that they wouldn't send out another one because if haven't received the first one wouldn't receive the second one? they can't send out another letter. That if husband didn't want to contact them then it was is a free country..that our number has been removed?

(859) 227-0129

James said

Odd text

(859) 903-0018

Asepa said

Calling and pretending to get location information for personal related reason

(859) 994-0013

Bw said

That number is from an insurance agency think life

(859) 268-0006

Howard said

(859) 559-0138

Andi said

Getting this once a week, no message left and if you answer no one answers back

(859) 916-0040

black said

Horrible person

(859) 916-0040

Anonymous Lady said

Obscene calls from this number.

(859) 559-0119

Notime for fake call said

Someone called me from this number claiming to be the FRUIT Guys, wanting to send my company free samples of organic fruit for our wellness. But when I try to call it back, the number does not take calls. They asked a lot of questions prior to saying they are sending us a box of sample fruit.

(859) 559-0091

Todzilla said

This number keeps calling me relentlessly and then puts me on hold while they "connect me to a represntative" its starting to PISS me off!

(859) 276-0015

Todd said

Just calls and hangs up ......... annoying

(859) 550-0021

misty said

Did you find out who this was

(859) 608-0133


Remax sales person

(859) 556-0189

Stan said

Got a strange call from this number heavy breathing and moaning. Weirdo with to much time on their hands.

(859) 473-0009


Yes, no sure who it so I quit and blocked on my phone.

(859) 559-0138

William said

Received a call from this number today at 16:10... answered it and nobody response from the other end, then they hung up! A look-up of the number shows "Avaiation" and "Business school"... so no clue who is calling or why?

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