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(858) 224-0018

1221 said

(858) 964-0112

Nick said

It's a scam phone number

(858) 221-8810

Jonathan said

Spam spam spam. "Final notice blah blah blah

(858) 410-0172

My_Oh_My said

SPAM! I have a Sprint phone. If I call this number I get a warning this is spam and the option to report it and block it. Do both!

(858) 255-0436

Jonathan said

missed a call from this number. No message left

(858) 956-0023

Drew said

This person called me and asked me if I had student loans. Offered to reduce my payments by 85%. I hung up, and he called back and left a voicemail threatening to grab a gun and shoot me if I called that number back.

(858) 956-0023

Gbc said

They sent a text saying my auto loan was approved but didn't apply for anything

(858) 442-0012


eat a dick

(858) 224-0092

Bob said

A woman called from this number asked what time I will be in on Monday said thank you hung up . So I thought that a bit odd so I called back the number and it said this number is not in service

(858) 254-0057

Jeff said

Solar telemarketer

(858) 956-0023

unknown said

It's a scam... Don't give them access to your computer!

(858) 472-5055

Liz said

Came up as "CA Cellphone". It wasn't. "You have been selected to receive a free cruise to the Bahamas". grrr.

(858) 956-0023

Jax said

Complete Scam

(858) 956-0023

john said

said they were from microsoft. lots of noise in background. said i hand problems on my computer and the said thry were getting notices about it an wanted to help me take care of the problem. spoke as if they were of middle eastern descent. said his name was melvin.

(858) 956-0023

James Watson said

Very Good Microsoft Certified Technicians!!!

(858) 956-0023

Alex Spencer said

Very good Customer Servicing !!! These Guys are Awesome they fix my computer and made it brand New!!!! WoW!!!!!

(858) 956-0023

timmy said

They wanted to fix my computer that they said was being hacked. Said they were from Microsoft

(858) 437-5173

Dilbert said

They call and call but never leave a message.

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