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(856) 477-0006

michele said

This is a slammer locksmith using our registered business name of Haddon Locksmith located on White Horse Pike in Oaklyn, NJ. There is not a locksmith on Haddon Ave., in Collingswood, NJ.

(856) 334-0010

radd67 said

get text on wifi hotspot is a debt collection company or so it says.

(856) 870-0002

ark said

Called twice at 3 am. Didn't leave a message. Name's Joe Smith. Looks like some fake name and number

(856) 256-6001

Annoyed said

Carpet cleaning company - asked to be put on a do not call list and she hung up abruptly.

(856) 256-6001

Donkee said

Carpet cleaning spam, asked to be added to do not call list and they hung up. What donkees!

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