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(850) 601-0019

Larry said

SPAM call, would not leave message.

(850) 601-0015

? said

No one was on the other end

(850) 601-0015


Blood center was calling

(850) 610-0017

Tina said


(850) 601-0018

Pantha said

Scam! Three people in a family and they keep the money for themselves.

(850) 601-0013

angry said

This number is calling me everyday and never leaves a message!

(850) 303-0138


It's an outgoing number only for they call from that number to confirm your appointment

(850) 303-0138

cruiz said

The same thing happened to me this morning as well.

(850) 303-0138

sandy said

Someone called from this number and when I dialed the number back, it says its disconnected?

(850) 303-0138

kat said

i want to make sure its not my ex who just got released from jail trying to call me

(850) 933-0098

Jack said

BEWARE FRAUD: He called me today in California with the same story about issues with my Verizon account and wanted my credit card number. Please FACEBOOK, tweet, etc. this scam artists telephone number 850-933-0098 and text 850-610-3516 AND let's get this criminal behind bars ASAP.

(850) 427-0021

Cheryl said

I have them on the phone speaking with a Mary Brown, she is trying ask me for my credit card information after I took a survey. She's saying that I have to pay $5.95 to receive my $100 Walmart gift card

(850) 933-0098

dr bop said

My question is, how do they know which carrier we use??? They seem to have known the carrier for everyone who has left a comment?

(850) 427-0021

Jp850 said

"You've been selected for entry into tonight's $5,000 cash drawing" *click* Really? At 6 a.m?

(850) 427-0016

paul said

Robotic scam sales call from "Holiday Cruiseline".

(850) 427-0021

Brittany said

Its 8pm at night when i got the call it was like 753? I figuered it was a wrong number, or maybe people i didnt want to talk to. I answered anyways. I said hello.. Longggg silence then a beep.. Pulled the phone away from my ear to hang up.. Only to realize they hung up before i could. Ridiculous crap.. dont call my phone!

(850) 933-0098

EB, New Jersey said

Said his name was Steven and was from AT&T. Said my cell phone acct was going to be turned off. I told me I am looking at my account and it says 0 balance. He said that it takes 4 hours to update the acct. I asked him how do I know he is from AT&T and he told me that he can tell me my acct number (which probably is same as my phone #). When I asked for his full name and how I can reach him, he hung up.

(850) 933-0098

CapeMay said

It is definitely a scam said phone would be turned off very soon past due bill I said it was not past due he argued with me and then hung up....scam

(850) 427-0021

Michael said

All of a sudden I am starting to receive junk/spam calls and this is one of them, although my number is on the do not call government list. I will block this number, but this is not the only number. I WANT THIS STOPPED!

(850) 933-0098

B da boy said

Told me my Verizon account was past due. It wasn't. Scam, although he never got around to asking me for a credit card or arrange for payment directly to him.

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