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(847) 923-0056

fred said

(847) 997-0045

Al said

Recieved a text from this number

(847) 278-0070

Soterios said

Calls and leaves no message.

(847) 953-0022

Macella said

This number called me 8 times back to back. I don't answer numbers I don't know. Leave me a voice mail and I'll decide if I want to call you back.

(847) 978-0123



(847) 287-0078

Arc said

I received a txt from this number. Heir she wantedmeto talk to them on Google Marco Polo or something. I asked the person to identify themselves, but they didn't answer.

(847) 953-0022


Comes up as USDOT on another link. This number called me on my cell. Ironically got a local call on my lan line just hours earlier from USDOT identified themselves as Express Labs saying they want to do Genetic testing.

(847) 278-0070

willi said

just keeps calling and hanging up

(847) 610-0050

vv said

(847) 606-0001

steve said

847 606 0001, unwanted call.

(847) 845-0022

kik said


(847) 532-0052

mrp said

Guy called asking for maintenance manager. He said his name was Pat from United. I told him maintenance manager was not in his office. Asked him if he wanted to leave message he said let him know I called and I'll trying calling tomorrow.

(847) 532-0052

Joe said

Same as everyone above, called me acted like he knew me... Wanted me to place orders, told him we are all set I hung up on him

(847) 201-0117

Ed said


(847) 278-0071

Ernesto Ybarra said

keeps calling w/o message> Can not tell them to stop calling

(847) 544-0114

John said

(847) 778-0095

Quetzal said

I received two calls from this number no message

(847) 532-0052

sam said

constantly calls for years now lying to receptionist and then trying to sell light bulbs through the mail? giving gift cards away. they will change their name put a sexy sounding female on the line, tell stupid jokes, say things like "you're a had man to get hold of they should pay you two salaries" Morons.

(847) 433-0076

Frustrated said

Caller insisted that my (non-existent!!!) alarm service was due for replacement. I asked if this was a sales call; she said yes. I then told her that her call was in violation of Federal law because I'm on the Do Not Call list. She disconnected.

(847) 433-0076

jim said

said my controller was from ge, which it is not, told them to stop calling me finally had to hag up on them, blocking there phone number right now

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