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(818) 616-0042

Badboy said

Nice person

(818) 307-0037

Nigger said

Nigger bitch

(818) 874-0029

Mike said


(818) 874-0029

Mike said


(818) 532-0000

Christine said

IRS Scam

(818) 622-0030

Mo said

Yes it was from universal studios

(818) 554-0072

gremlin said

Strange laughter. Nothing else. Was charged .15 for call! An 800 scam/nuisance call. Probably the usual bunch of losers who can barely speak English claiming to be Microsoft, etal.

(818) 292-0202

gl said

IDIOT claiming to know who lives here and very threatening! HAND UP ON THIS IDIOT

(818) 583-0164

Anonymous said

This person texted my wife at 8 in the morning sending her pictures of his private part and asked for a Natalie then proceeded my telling her that he wants to do sexual things to her...iam on a mission now to find out who this piece of garbage is

(818) 493-0030

seabass said

yes. the guy sayed his name was robert from a company called air cool

(818) 554-0177

Anonymous said

This is from a erotic massage/escort and whatever else. I won't give her name because I feel sorry for her...

(818) 257-0018



(818) 451-0016

Tom said

Sounded like an old man with other voices in the background. Said he didn't know me and wanted me to call him back.

(818) 269-0004

Cell phone said

Some hacker stole my number off a dating website claiming to be a girl. Now I get these call that just hangup or are fraudulent companies that hangup on me when i want to find out how they got my number.

(818) 296-0004

jose said


(818) 253-1203

Clara said

Whats this tel number?

(818) 430-0001

Angie said

Lots of calls from this number. It is obviously a telemarketer. If you answer don't say anything. If it recognizes a voice that is when you get the pitch. Just answer and listen, don't say anything, the call hangs itself up.

(818) 825-0012

debbie felman said

Guy keeps calling my 12 year old boy up and saying sick disgusting and gross things to him. Called the cops but they did nothing. Big wierdo perv pedophile

(818) 267-0017

kpadmin said

this fax number keeps dialing into my office!!!!

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