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(805) 824-0004

E.N. said

I got a call from this number saying they are a 3rd party company that calls to verify my name is still with my phone #. When I asked what company was requesting to verify that, she said she couldn't see that information,only send them a request to contact me. They said their company name is Data Verification and based in Indiana. But when I look up number I get no info on this company and number is 805 area code. That is not Indiana.

(805) 888-0021

Rob said


(805) 904-0093

dont call me said

Yes, and they never leave message . Just blocked them

(805) 714-0106

steve e said

this is definately a quack

(805) 443-0035

Patrick said

Too many calls, no answer

(805) 341-0132

ga said

keep getting calls from this number and no tolkind

(805) 278-0012

Wes said

Was a call from a friend in jail.

(805) 252-0071

Juls said

Got a call from this number. Left no message.

(805) 390-0140

Cassandra said

Got a call from this number. The woman knew my name, left a message being very rude and mean and her rambling became threatening toward me. Very creepy. Have no idea whose number this is and didn't recognize the voice.

(805) 322-0025

Jt said

Not a nasty call but it autodialed me 17 times in two hours

(805) 538-0072

Ashley said

This is my cell number. I think someone is using my phone number and email without my knowledge

(805) 582-0066

austin said

i receive lots of calls form this number

(805) 499-0159

Bob said

Says "Newbury Park, CA" on ID.....

(805) 331-0039

Joel said

I got one from this number. I don't know anyone in Santa Barbara so, I don't answer.

(805) 278-0008

Shane said

This is a collect call from a correctional facility

(805) 245-0039

Chris said

English lady that sold toffee and sounded like Mrs. Doubfire.

(805) 230-0020

That girl said

Full of crap trick

(805) 316-0027

AF said

This is my number, Johnny is that you? From RMC?

(805) 982-0016

curious said

What kind of nasty message did you receive?

(805) 904-0075


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