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(805) 824-0004

willy said

Got a call asking if the number they called was our personal phone number. Without thinking much about it, answered yes. Then remembered we're not supposed to answer questions from an unknown party with "yes", because they can copy and paste that "yes" into a verbal contract and bill us for whatever they want, because we answered "yes" when asked if we wanted what they have to sell. BEWARE!

(805) 436-0003

Quick Brown Fox said

Several calls have arrived from this Oxnard VOIP number. Each time, there is dead silence, followed by a disconnect, when the answering machine picks up. Caller ID identifies the caller as "Los Angeles." Ask yourself: Would a legitimate caller hide behind a fictitious name such as this? I thought not!

(805) 824-0004

Chintz said

Same here I got a call this morning saying the same thing

(805) 824-0004

E.N. said

I got a call from this number saying they are a 3rd party company that calls to verify my name is still with my phone #. When I asked what company was requesting to verify that, she said she couldn't see that information,only send them a request to contact me. They said their company name is Data Verification and based in Indiana. But when I look up number I get no info on this company and number is 805 area code. That is not Indiana.

(805) 888-0021

Rob said


(805) 904-0093

dont call me said

Yes, and they never leave message . Just blocked them

(805) 714-0106

steve e said

this is definately a quack

(805) 443-0035

Patrick said

Too many calls, no answer

(805) 341-0132

ga said

keep getting calls from this number and no tolkind

(805) 278-0012

Wes said

Was a call from a friend in jail.

(805) 252-0071

Juls said

Got a call from this number. Left no message.

(805) 390-0140

Cassandra said

Got a call from this number. The woman knew my name, left a message being very rude and mean and her rambling became threatening toward me. Very creepy. Have no idea whose number this is and didn't recognize the voice.

(805) 322-0025

Jt said

Not a nasty call but it autodialed me 17 times in two hours

(805) 538-0072

Ashley said

This is my cell number. I think someone is using my phone number and email without my knowledge

(805) 582-0066

austin said

i receive lots of calls form this number

(805) 499-0159

Bob said

Says "Newbury Park, CA" on ID.....

(805) 331-0039

Joel said

I got one from this number. I don't know anyone in Santa Barbara so, I don't answer.

(805) 278-0008

Shane said

This is a collect call from a correctional facility

(805) 245-0039

Chris said

English lady that sold toffee and sounded like Mrs. Doubfire.

(805) 230-0020

That girl said

Full of crap trick

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