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(803) 626-0001

Digitalrx said

Called about Forex option trading. Stated they needed huge upfront deposit. TOTAL STRANGER who called me by first name. Told him I needed to do,due,diligence. ....Researched: Jack Hughes- Possible successful option trader; why is he bottom fishing if he is that successful? Was told he used the proceeds from sales of his product to purchase a 20 million dollar home in Carmel Ca. I would have to see his balance sheet and a good attorney before proceeding.

(803) 626-0001

Allison said

Called me and immediately became disrespectful. The first thing they said was guess what? I asked who it was and the caller replied that they didn't have to tell me and that they would continue calling

(803) 626-0001

Sydnie said

They called me about some college degree and I'm hard of hearing and I need them to email me for any concerns.

(803) 626-0001

Rachel said

Said something about an "education database". And click "one" if I wish to be added to the "do not call" list. I clicked one and hung up.

(803) 280-0003

Heavy 6 said

he has contacted me asking for apple I.D. and password to a stolen Iphone

(803) 207-0006

Jeff said

Just wanted to know who it was and why they had called me

(803) 577-0005

titites said

i have been receiving many messages from this man/woman I don't know who they are, I am terrified for my life. they seem nice but idk. lol idk bye ;)

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