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(787) 408-0048

pichard said

(787) 281-0105

Ie said

Unlnown caller

(787) 729-0011

Keith said

They claim to be a dermatologist office and they were asking for name and phone number info. Not sure if it was true or not.

(787) 439-0088

G. said

Definitely some creepy filthy dirty hispanic playing games, Call came in at noon with threats of holdin my Brother hostage unless i give their bum asses a couple hundred dollars or else they would shoot him ..turned out everything was just fine with my brother and it sas just some bums who had nothin better to do with there time...i agree 100 wit Donald trump hurry up n build that wall n keep all dem lowlives on there side & quit annoying us Americans.

(787) 439-0088

rocks said

scam call. told me they had my sister at gunpoint

(787) 300-0083

Tuex said

Este tipo es un Psychoooo, no deja de llamar

(787) 621-0050

bill said

Walmart SuperCenter Manati (Optical RX Dept.)

(787) 603-0055

ashley said


(787) 291-0027

CARLA said

(787) 365-0101

????? said


(787) 610-0065

Frank said

Got a call from this number "(robot of P.R)" is true?

(787) 308-0009

PEDRO said

Me dice que si estuve en un lugar. Por que ni que estaba guapo. Pero le dije que no era y no volvio a text mas.

(787) 689-0022

Edwin said

This guys sell new stolen phones like iphones be aware.

(787) 325-0083

swim chick said

Called 3 times within 2 minutes. No idea what it's for, but the number will be blocked.

(787) 281-0116

potro said

Unwanted calls from this number

(787) 436-0088

rtorres said

A mi me llamaron de este numero diciendo tenian unos familiares en el hospital despues de un accidente de carro y me preguntaron que tipo de carro yo tenia y le dije que esa info no se la proporsionaria. Scam

(787) 436-0088

Ana said

I just receive a call from this number,said my doughter have a accident,asking for money BTW they speak spanish..It is a Scammers!!!

(787) 270-0019

Nancy M. said

I got a call at 2:17 a.m. from this number, I was harassed with sexually explicit dirty words, the voice was a man but he had some distortion.

(787) 436-0088

Pablo said

Scammers! Want info about a person. They won't give you info about who they are.

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