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(785) 505-0007

MMB said

Claiming the IRS is filing a lawsuit on you.

(785) 505-0007

Nantahala said

Don't call back Got the same scam IRS voicemail Trust me... the IRS does not leave voicemail

(785) 505-0007

Abigail said

I received the same message just today as Courtney did. I Called the IRS themselves and it is indeed a scam number. Please do not contact these people or pay them anything.

(785) 505-0007

Courtney said

I received a phone call from the number (785)505-0007. It was a recorded female voice stating they were calling from the IRS and this was my final notice; the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me because I owed money. I was then instructed to call the direct department line (785)505-0007 immediately and the call ended. I looked up the phone numbers for my local IRS office and as well as a general lookup of this phone number and it does not match the IRS. I DID NOT AND WILL NOT CALL BACK.

(785) 246-7330

Jonathan said

Received call this afternoon. Answered but there was nobody there.

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