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(772) 335-0002

Ang said

Don't understand why I'm getting phone calls from this company# (772-335-0002)& don't know what they want?? Didn't leave any voicemail messages on my phone. Wish they'd take me off their contact list

(772) 646-0056

Lisa said

Annoying - these people call all the time, sometimes every 15 minutes. Need to find a way to report them. My phone does not have an automatic block, so I have named them in my contacts: WTF - Block This Call.

(772) 646-0056

andrew said

Yes! Many of them, in fact! I even answered a couple of times and asked them to remove my number since it was a scam about a vacation I canceled years ago. Also, you can't call them back those assholes.

(772) 266-0027



(772) 266-0027

Me said

Several calls, no message, hang up

(772) 564-0049

Waldo said

this number has been calling several times a week for months never leaves a message....some dirt bag solicitor apparently and I am on the DNC

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