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(760) 640-0002

J said

Me too.......Left a VM saying her name was "Melinda" I couldn't make out the rest of whhere she was calling from

(760) 212-0029

jess said

Really rude man asked his age he said 21. late at night

(760) 620-0112

Cheesehead said

Dead air and hung up after 60 seconds

(760) 815-0032

Dylan said

Someone keeps calling me!!

(760) 815-0032

kimmi said

been getting calls from this number

(760) 537-0127

Scammed said

Same thing here. Irish girl needing money to pay for hotel and plane ticket. She(he) posted on adult friend finder luring me to connect with her. She was in England on Tuesday and would return on Wednesday. All of a sudden she lost her wallet and needed $700 to assist her return. I saw this more recent post and sent it to her. She got all salty. Total scam. Stay away

(760) 537-0127

J.R. said

This number is tied to a possible e-mail scam. Someone posing as a young Irish lady who claims to live near by but happens to be in the UK on vacation, wants to set up a date when she gets back, and on the eve of her departure claims to lose her money and needs $600 to get her bags back from the hotel she is staying at. A variation of the Russian bride scams, I guess.

(760) 686-0035

Archillect said

We can only see what we believe, but some say seeing is believing but we won't believe until we see.

(760) 835-0033

johh said

his name is Michael from Palm Springs

(760) 206-7331

Irish said

has called twice. First time no message. Second time asked for my wife. I told him she'd be right here. I asked if he was St Mary's and he hung up

(760) 254-0010


Its tinder or craigslist spam calls

(760) 659-0041

alittlebit said

This number belongs to a man living in maine that once lived in Cali.

(760) 622-0028

lg said

claim's to be cox service

(760) 265-0015

Elmo said

text received.."what did you do?"

(760) 605-0238

Laura said

I have received several calls from this number the most recent one just now and my call blocker blocked their call Last time she said "did you just call me?"

(760) 206-7342

Jonathan said

SPAM. "Under a recent bill passed by Congress called The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act permanently reducing your electric bill up to 60% through the US Renewable Energy Program. The US Renewable Energy Program will stop the 14% rate increase on your electricity bill coming soon. Press 1 now if you are a homeowner and are paying more than $150 per month for electricity. Press 1 now to stop the electricity bill increase coming soon." etc etc

(760) 851-0027

Corky said

They called and have my voicemail tied up for up to 4 minutes when I hung up. As far as I know, the voicemail is still tied up.

(760) 412-0001

cristina said

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