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(727) 499-0039

Liz said

waited for message to prompt then hung up

(727) 498-0143

Bill said

This is a ROBO SCAMMER TERRORIST caller! They keep calling, when tell them not to call again. They call from different phone numbers and you have to keep blocking them. Crazy, wacko, nuts.

(727) 619-0004

anon said

I get calls every day from this number, they will not tell me which company they are from, only that it is a personal business matter, and proceeds to ask for my address.

(727) 548-0024

Mike said

I occasionally get calls from this number, but they don't leave a mess'g. When I try to call the # back, it won't connect. I'm sure it's another scam or telemarketing operation.

(727) 243-0020


Got a text that said "call me when you get this"

(727) 834-0005

Jenna said

Had a missed call from this number

(727) 439-0024

Jen said

It's Chris k

(727) 688-0032

alex said

yes too many

(727) 755-0003

Jean said

This number has been calling me every day. why?

(727) 755-0003

Val vjorvj said

Same here. Every single day.

(727) 439-0029


The number is Chris K.

(727) 498-0151

Ain't Buying It said

Scam Artists!

(727) 248-0036

April said

Same thing happened to me. However, I fell for it. Do I asked my local police department and they said it sounded like a scam so then I contacted Microsoft myself and they told me they don't track info from my computer. Needless to say, I went to my bank right away and closed my debit card.

(727) 248-0036

Kitty said

I received two calls back to back from this number. I could not understand her and had to ask for her to repeat what she was saying several times. All I got out of it was that someone was trying to hack into my computer. And she wanted me to turn my computer on (it was on) and she wanted to come into my computer and clean out files from someone. NO way! I hung up.

(727) 248-0036

Sissybuddy said

I received the same call from this women telling me that she works for Microsoft, and I told her that I wasn't the person that she asked for asked me to turn on the computer to get rid of bad files that came from Microsoft, I in return told her that I was recording this call, and she said the same on her end. I said good, and I proceeded to tell her that Microsoft doesn't call anyone regarding these problems, and of course fibbed & told her I worked for Microsoft & she wanted my ID Badge, so I a

(727) 248-0036

Obiwan said

Scam call from someone claiming to be from Windows Support. I told her I new it was a scam and she hung up. They want control of your computer and will claim it is infected and will charge a fee to ckean it.

(727) 774-0230

John said

This phone number has called me at the most in opportune moments for weeks. They claim to be looking for someone different each time. Who are these jerks?

(727) 484-0030

Lara said

7/26/14 - got an uninvited text from this number. All they said was "Amanda". I replied thank you because I thought a friend of mine named Amanda just forwarded a new number. Then they wanted to know who I was... ugh. I don't know if this is really a spammer or just an idget who can't dial at 10 in the morning. LOL

(727) 755-0003

Judee said

Calls keep coming everyday...I'm over it.

(727) 364-0017

hhhhh said


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