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(724) 584-3943

sue nick said

i got a call from this number

(724) 896-0010

Kmr said

This Number has called me 20 times in just a few days and is bordering on harassment, they never leave a message they hang up every time I call and it is some political organization

(724) 824-0049

Me said

got a call from this number, I answered but didn't' say anything. A woman with a southern accent said Hello but I hung up. They didn't call back

(724) 992-0005

nickname said

ok, so who called - it never returned the "who" part of my question (??)

(724) 992-0005

nickname said

number showed up on my phone - didn't recognize

(724) 431-0010

JB said

This is a doctors office

(724) 431-0010

JB said

Got a call at 8:13am, no message.

(724) 963-0003

Missy said

I get calls from this number daily. I text and told them wrong number, they stopped for a few weeks.started getting them again and they're talking on my voicemail but it's their personal conversations. Lots of swearing and inappropriate language.

(724) 992-0005

Dre said


(724) 513-0022

jenny said

Called twice within a 2 hr period on a Sunday. No messages left

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