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(719) 982-0010

Phil said

I received a robo-call from 719-982-0010 stating it was from the IRS and that fraud charges were being brought against the owner of the phone number. No names were mention but was told to call them back at 719-982-0010. I called and a guy with an Indian-Accent answered and said I had reached the IRS, I proceeded to tell him that he could go F***k himself and the know it's he's a scammer and that by the end of the day this number will be all over the internet and let everyone know it's a 100% SCAM TRYING TO DEFRAUD YOU BY TELLING YOU FACING B***S#*! TAX FRAUD CHARGES - 719-982-0010 IS A 100% SCAM - DON'T BELIEVE THEM AND DON'T CALL THEM... Please Pass it along to as many phone number verifying websites as possible!!!!

(719) 992-0003


An unidentified male has telephoned three times from this number today. Caller ID shows "SMS" with the number noted. He asks to speak with my boss, I tell him that my boss is not available and ask if I may take a message. The male immediately hangs up.

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