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(717) 538-0101

Nanc said

I thank I may have talk to the guy he had a red hat on one and jacket that said da lifeguard he’s I believe 72 his name is Chris thank youse last name is Williams from Lebanon also had said about navy seal I have a picture it’s very nice looking but then I saw another picture must be of now very different looking like he lost an off a lot of weight

(717) 538-0101

Marie said

He is 68 years old and lives in Lebanon. I met him. He had a Navy SEAL ring on and a Navy pilot ring on. Don't think he's a scammer, just a jerk. Last job was at the Manheim Auto Auction in Manheim Pennsylvania.

(717) 538-0101

Barb said

I was talking to "Chris" started to not believe he was retired navy seal, lives with his mother, send corny little heart cartoons & a lots of photos of a older man. I talked to him on phone sounds like a kid. He is on POF.

(717) 884-0186

Jackie said

Caller ID was a generic "Harrisburg PA" so I did not pick up.

(717) 879-0013

Also Frustrated & P. said

Feeling like the other two posts exactly. This is ridiculous. Keeps calling me with no messages left.

(717) 979-0167

Jonathan said

OK, please don't tell us then! :-)

(717) 979-0167

bob said

I did it was gross what the person asked over the phone!!!

(717) 879-0013


I am so tired of this number calling us...every day, no one is ever there, I couldn't say it better than the last comment on this number!!!

(717) 879-0017

Nik said

Who the heck is this?? So annoying

(717) 538-0101


SCAMMER working on the dating site ZOOSK. Picture is a man in a USA military uniform and calls himself "Chris". His first email he gives you this # and wants you off the dating site fast.

(717) 859-0112


Keeps calling and hanging up

(717) 961-0007

Dick said

I suspect you may need professional help. I do not tolerate nonsense from mentally disturbed individuals like you. Continue to harass me and you will learn the cost of your actions. I am placing you on notice. As soon as I confirm your identity, expect an accounting and an invoice for the damages you have caused as a result of slander.

(717) 961-0007

Dick Bininya said

I suspect that Josh is a woman.

(717) 561-0204

Lee said

Said we had called this number, we don't think we have.

(717) 241-5200

wolfgang said

Harassing calls from this number (717) 241-5200.

(717) 961-0007

Josh said

I looked up this number 717-961-0007 and it came back under several cars for sale listing by David Feldgus of Crazy Cars LLC in Carlisle Pennsylvania, 154 Spring Road 717-241-5200.

(717) 961-0007

me said

Got repeatitive calls from this number and kept on hanging up everytime I answered, SO STRANGED.

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