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(717) 538-0101

Barb said

I was talking to "Chris" started to not believe he was retired navy seal, lives with his mother, send corny little heart cartoons & a lots of photos of a older man. I talked to him on phone sounds like a kid. He is on POF.

(717) 884-0186

Jackie said

Caller ID was a generic "Harrisburg PA" so I did not pick up.

(717) 879-0013

Also Frustrated & P. said

Feeling like the other two posts exactly. This is ridiculous. Keeps calling me with no messages left.

(717) 979-0167

Jonathan said

OK, please don't tell us then! :-)

(717) 979-0167

bob said

I did it was gross what the person asked over the phone!!!

(717) 879-0013


I am so tired of this number calling us...every day, no one is ever there, I couldn't say it better than the last comment on this number!!!

(717) 879-0017

Nik said

Who the heck is this?? So annoying

(717) 538-0101


SCAMMER working on the dating site ZOOSK. Picture is a man in a USA military uniform and calls himself "Chris". His first email he gives you this # and wants you off the dating site fast.

(717) 859-0112


Keeps calling and hanging up

(717) 961-0007

Dick said

I suspect you may need professional help. I do not tolerate nonsense from mentally disturbed individuals like you. Continue to harass me and you will learn the cost of your actions. I am placing you on notice. As soon as I confirm your identity, expect an accounting and an invoice for the damages you have caused as a result of slander.

(717) 961-0007

Dick Bininya said

I suspect that Josh is a woman.

(717) 561-0204

Lee said

Said we had called this number, we don't think we have.

(717) 241-5200

wolfgang said

Harassing calls from this number (717) 241-5200.

(717) 961-0007

Josh said

I looked up this number 717-961-0007 and it came back under several cars for sale listing by David Feldgus of Crazy Cars LLC in Carlisle Pennsylvania, 154 Spring Road 717-241-5200.

(717) 961-0007

me said

Got repeatitive calls from this number and kept on hanging up everytime I answered, SO STRANGED.

(717) 972-0032

girl said

I keep getting a call from this number and then it hangs up. When I call the number back, I get a busy signal. I do a Google search and the name I get is Timothy Puchalski of 75 Autumn, Enola, PA 17025. Not sure if this is the character that is harassing me but I would like it to stop.

(717) 879-0013

Pissed Off said

What do these f-cking IDIOTS actually want. Keep calling day after day. I've tried ignoring the calls and even picking up. Never any response. Wtf!!!!! You would THINK in this day and age, SOMEONE would be able to stop them. So frustrating when you're trying to run a business and these MORONS just keep calling. PLEASE!! Someone invent a Stun Gun that can be sent through the phone lines. I'll buy the first one!!!

(717) 523-0048

Ally said

Me too. What's the deal?

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