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(715) 508-0091

Brian webber said

Jerk calls repeatedly asking what I have for sale because he's looking to buy . texts the same harassing questions. Avoid this scammer.

(715) 304-0001

Nig said


(715) 719-0014


Who is it

(715) 730-0137

fu said


(715) 357-0009

Fofinha said

My daughter texted from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada saying they received 3 calls from this number yesterday, March 3rd. They are wondering who it is.

(715) 371-0017

J said

This nut used uncalled for, inappropriate and insensitive language in a text today. Should have simply said, remove me from your text string as I am not who you think I might be.

(715) 203-0113

jennie said


(715) 203-0113

bill said


(715) 572-0233

ME said

This is a legitimate number and he is a good person. He runs an honest business in Stevens Point Wisconsin.

(715) 768-0097

Allison said

Received texts referring to selling drugs. I texted this person back and said "they have the wrong number. This is my grandmas phone and to please remove this number, from their phone." A week later another text was received as to "I'm watching you I shared with you, why cant you share with me!" My grandmother was scared and we turned the message over to the sheriff's dept. They said they would check into it. Grandma changed her number. So who ever this was. I dont know what became of it. Who ever it is they need mental help!!

(715) 768-0097

Jody said

Ben recieving texts as to wanting a rock (meth) to be .4 and solid rock no powder and must be in a blue bag. and to drop it off at some park. I texted back WTF who is this? and they sent that text again with "JUST DO IT" ! I tryed to call no answer. left message. NOT TO CALL OR TEXT ME> U HAVE WRONG NUMBER!! DUDE!!! Got m sorry and i was jonzen could i hook him up? Im like WTF. Told him to contact "Burger King Maybe they could serve it his way!"

(715) 281-0237

clark said

Yeah, why?

(715) 621-0099

KG said

Weird call from this number

(715) 978-0020

jeff said

said i had to dial 715 i did

(715) 201-0139


that is a charter cable issued number. unfortunately I cannot tell you who it belongs to. hope this info assisted you.

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