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(708) 487-0057

Me said

The name they were asking for is not at this #. Female caller apologized & said she must have dialed a wrong #. Did not call back.

(708) 391-0005

Oli said

If these calls are made you your cell, please register your phone number on the Federal do no call list, then you will be able to file a complaint against them, here: I just filed mine.

(708) 391-0005

JB said

Why call me if you don't even say anything ? I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND

(708) 391-0005

Vince said

this is for some vehicle protection. you try and tell them you have it already and they hang up the phone before you can do so. when you call the number back, like the others before, you try to take your name off the call list and it just loops back to the original message

(708) 391-0005

Dave Naze said

Called by this number dozens of times. No voicemail. When I try to call back, there is no answer or voicemail option. When there is an answer, there is an automated voice that allows you to either be removed from the list or speak to a representative- but neither option works. It just back to the same recording to go over your options.

(708) 391-0005

Keith said

Just got the same call. They asked for me and I just hung up.

(708) 391-0005


They call 5-6 times and leave a voicemail but say nothing.

(708) 391-0005

none said

answered twice no voice hungup?drgtuv

(708) 391-0005

JIM said


(708) 715-0003

Mike said


(708) 746-0004

slikshot said

I also got a call with no message.

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