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(704) 879-1911


called back to back and left no message

(704) 293-0044

Brad said

They are connected to the Saltz Spa in Greenville

(704) 228-0279

Smartz said

Caller ID says "children's Leukemia". Several calls a day. I don't answer. Very annoying.

(704) 879-1911

He said

Says he is Alex from Allstate.

(704) 879-1914

B said

I got a call from someone with an Indian accent saying they were from a tech support company based out of Washington DC but he said he was in CA. He gave me this number but he said my daughter's computer had been compromised but he would help me fix the problem. I had recently let a support member whom I had contacted help me via remote control. He actually laughed and said I had been scammed. I was skeptical and did not have my daughter's password at the moment so he said he would call me back later. He was very insistent that he would help me fix it. I am curious to see if he will call back since I questioned him and asked if he was the one trying to scam me.

(704) 908-0002

Roger said

Yes, it's spam.

(704) 879-1911

me said

A lady asked "are you John doe?" She hangs up if you don't give her a response

(704) 879-1914

said said

guy with thick accent saying he was from Windows Technical Dept in Gastonia NC and that my computer would crash if I didn't fix the "problem". called this number and said it was unavailable, but leave a message.

(704) 287-0091

Fred said

2 calls at almost midnight from same number. No message left either call.

(704) 879-1914


received a call from john who said he was with Microsoft technologies and all my computers were in danger of crashing. when I asked for his call back number he kept asking me why I wanted his number. I finally got it from him and hung up.

(704) 266-0000


I have no idea who this call is from but they have called here 3 times today.

(704) 264-0004

MJP said

Got a VM from Ashley who called me by my first name. Started to say she was senior accountant and then was cut off.

(704) 264-0004

munchkin said

It answered when I called back said for agent press 1 to remove from calling list press 2. Didn't sound like a ligit place but we will see. It was muffled as well.

(704) 264-0004

csw said

Im a homeless person so when I said that they cut off why go after a homeless person

(704) 264-0004

Jody said

Got a call from Ashley who knew my name. Said I won an entry to some magazine sweepstakes. After a few more questions I told her basically I knew she where this call was going and she hung up. Number is blocked now.

(704) 264-0004

BJ said

Same thing has happened to me this past week. All of the above is what I have experienced. BJ

(704) 264-0004

rukh said

same here, Today morning I missed this call when i was in restroom and i saw a voice message which really has no voice, I tried to call back and i couldn't even hear the ring, second starts but no one speaks just airrrrrrr.... scam, Fraud and everything

(704) 264-0004

cupcake said

I have the same thing happen to me. SAYING I WAS ENTERD IN A 1 million dollar sweepstakes. I get magazines etcand Ashley was her name and then they transfer me over to a guy who started to know about these promotions and stufffrom the same 704 number that everybody is right now on the same number and rang my phone

(704) 264-0004

amanda said

they called and knew my name and asked if I could hear her okay then said I had one a million dollars from a sweepstakes

(704) 264-0004

DB said

Rang 3 times and hung up. I will block.

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