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(702) 670-2817

Brian said

Scam from start to finish for Austin Texas Strippers. We agreed to amount on phone then girls who looked totally different in person showed up and demanded more money then was agreed to previously. Don’t waste your time here this website is a rip off Women had faces that looked in their 40s who showed up and obviously used fake and/or altered pics. Gross misrepresentation Austin Strippers to beware of

(702) 670-2817

Winston said

Scam website. Run by a con artist. Ploy to get personal information. Nothing genuine on the website Fake pics and then asked for money than amount agreed to for the time when they arrived. Tried to rip us off.

(702) 899-0467

Jenna said

Sending me strange text messages. Don't know who they are....

(702) 602-3832

Jonathan said

CL scammer

(702) 212-0181

Patrick said

Got a call from this number to my business asking how many people worked there and some other questions. Told the person on second to talk to the owner and they hung up. Every time we try calling it back it answers then hangs up. Pretty sure this is a scam.

(702) 212-0181


my brother is receiving calls from this number saying they are from the Chamber of Commerce.........glad to know someone else is getting bogus calls also, beware people

(702) 576-0012

Annoyed said

This number called and when answered no one would say anything. After about 10-12 seconds the call just hung up. How or why are these robo-calls allowed to continue?

(702) 448-0147

Steve said

he came to my home and everything he did was done wrong. I spent the last 2 days taking apart everything he and his co-worker did. When I refused to pay he told me he was a Gangster Deciple and was going to kill me. I am going to court to have him arrested.

(702) 799-0001

Johnny said

Got a call, missed it so I called back,after 2 rings someone answered, I said hello waited then said hello again a woman answered hello then hung up, what's up with that?

(702) 576-0012


Google Adwords company solicitation

(702) 919-6008

Nay said

They call twice a day, morning and evening, leave no message

(702) 628-0202



(702) 448-0147

ONA said


(702) 577-0042

me said

I got a few calls from this number with dead air, meaning no one there.

(702) 382-0015

Jaxon said

Yes called to report bad product and argued over calling wrong number.

(702) 463-0151

J said

Aloha Animal Hospital

(702) 448-0147

Fredsky said

yes he is a cheating, stealing, lying bastard, mentally retarded

(702) 577-0042

Disgusted said

I just received a call from this number and the man said he is from CDCS??? and wanted the last 4 digits of my SS#, and my first initial. He said the call is being recorded, and I told him that I don't know who this is, what this is regarding and that I DO NOT give permission to have my calls recorded. I then hung up on him. When I searched online for this phone#, this site came up as well as other sites that you can report the # too. Who is this?

(702) 461-0102

Courtney said

I got a nasty call from this number

(702) 448-0147

kim said

I truly believe something is mentally wrong with this guy

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