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(701) 495-0041

Old fart said

Young kids voice said hello, hello? Possible abuse? See comment before mine where person called said young caller wanted to come to their house.

(701) 248-7707

Jonathan said

Craigslist scammer. Believe he/she is outside the US.

(701) 495-0041

Bri said

I got a call wanted to come to my home!!

(701) 253-0043

Connie said

I have been getting phone calls from this number for months. Every day I get at least 2 phone calls. Today, it was nine. The carrier for this number is called Quest. I believe it is a part of yet ..another co. These are all telemarketers. I am totally fed up. Th.y give a false name and when I don't answer, they say "Are you there" several times. Or. I get the hangup calls. It is time we all get together to file a class action suit against those involved in this harrassment. Found out that Verizon, my carrier, probably gives out the nos. of their customers,and probably gets some sort of moneta .ry benefit. At any rate, you .can call your provider to block calls. But why should I have to pay for it? ..There is also a .60 number to use but you must do a bunch of other numbers with

(701) 253-0051

Dan said

Same no message

(701) 253-0042

Jan said

Call everyday and leave no message

(701) 253-0019


They call every day.

(701) 253-0019

Pissed off and Threa said

Called my phone and told me "You're gonna die tonight." The laughed into the phone repeatedly.

(701) 253-0019

pissed off said

This number has called my phone over and over again... finally picked up to tell them to f-off. I saud hello they said my I speak **name** I said yes this is her and they hung up. F*** Off, Aholes. get a real flippin job.

(701) 253-0019

Annoyed said

I have received calls all day. Usually I don't answer them but I thought it might be important. When I answered it is dead.

(701) 253-0019

kkaa said

fraud.....trying to say you owe money and to send money reporting to fbi

(701) 253-0051


called and left no message on answering machine

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