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(661) 390-0104

Noveen said

Hi everyone it's me cc or no vern every one loves me

(661) 863-0161

Spam Hater said

BS caller

(661) 369-0091

carol said


(661) 283-0055

allen said

solar rebate scam, kept calling back

(661) 283-0060

Mike said

Us, too.

(661) 547-0158

One love said

YES this morning. I received a call from this number at 9am .. Idk who number ths is tho. The guy who called Said this number belong to some other guy named Brian.

(661) 313-0038

richard the hearing said

i want you to work for my new house in the city

(661) 390-0104

Jonathan said

Don't worry noveen, we're all good!

(661) 390-0104

noveen said

its my number now and I love everyone I would never ever be bad phone person

(661) 367-1395

SM said

I also received a message from Peter asking for me to send a money order this is a scam

(661) 283-0050

Random said

Calls and hangs up, no answer, no voicemail... Once a day

(661) 367-1395

Craigslist Seller said

Also got a text from this person claiming to offer me $30 above what I was asking. Asked for name and address. Glad I looked this up!

(661) 367-1395

Atomic said

Got a scam text from this number from a Craig's list ad. Person who claimed their name was Peter. Wanted my name and address for a money order. When I questioned him, he stopped responding. Be careful and avoid. Seems to be fishing for personal information.

(661) 367-1395

Boatman said

Scamer hope u die and burn in hell

(661) 367-1395

GodHatesU said

This is a spoofed number used for internet financial fraud.

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