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(651) 318-2011

Lou said

I got a Skype message from this number. Have you discovered as of yet who they are?

(651) 356-0001

Sj said


(651) 605-0014

Tg said

Yea I was in the e r recently. They left a message saying they were following up on my visit at regions hospital in St. Paul.

(651) 605-0014

Lin said

Comes in ID as Minnesota. They leave no message so it's either not important or it's a solicitor

(651) 605-0014

k said

Definitely from Regions Hospital

(651) 605-0014

kf said

It's Regions Hospital. If you were recently in the ER, they call to follow up with you.

(651) 605-0014

Nm said

A few calls and no messages either. Guessing bill collectors as other commentor stated.

(651) 605-0014

abc said

i got call from this number a few times. doesnt leave a message either. not sure if this is a debt collecting call. must not be that important if they didnt leave a message.

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