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(650) 342-0319

Jonathan said

Got a voicemail with just a grunt.

(650) 508-0005

deb said

yes, got a strange call. As soon as I answered a machine told me it had made a mistake and hung up on me.

(650) 888-2696

ballroom4 said

I don't pick up the phone and they leave no message..

(650) 285-1781

Jonathan said

Some recorded message listing off numbers in Spanish in a bored voice.

(650) 555-9856

Pissed said

A day after submitting my resume through TALEO, I got this call from 650-555-9856. This number called my landline and my cellphone. Someone from TALEO is selling phone data sent by jobseekers. I will report this to the FBI and apprehend the perpetrators. I've recorded the IP address of the caller. The caller ID displayed for this number is DIR ASST CA. make a few more calls so that I could narrow down your exact location. Please, call me again!

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