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(626) 581-0044

Peej18404 said

Called & asked for me buT I said not available and didn't leave message.

(626) 297-0029


received a txt from this number, using my name and citing a location that I was at. "I think I just saw you at the corner of.....- happy Sunday and divers safe!"

(626) 290-0158

Dom said

Got a call from this number she missed pronounced my name. I was thinking she was expecting me to be a female. She my knew first and last name. I called back several times, no response. So I sent a text asking who is calling and how do you have my information

(626) 573-0051

cow said

Tmobile Rosemead, ca store

(626) 297-0213

LL said

Yeah, calls but no messages.

(626) 234-0049

Midget said

he sold me bunk android phones and now won't answer his phone

(626) 500-0047

fustrated said

This number been calling me for a week straight 10 times a day and never leave a message

(626) 421-0017

Im not dumb said


(626) 500-0047

Spike Tree said

Auto repair warranty

(626) 500-3481

me said

whats up

(626) 500-0047

Sco said

called back and some lady answered and said sales department please hold. I hung up . And blocked the number from my cell phone.

(626) 500-0047

Demonic said

Have called multiple times, no message left. Must be scams

(626) 500-0047

Kcdachs said

Keep calling - no message left

(626) 500-0047

me said

These people call when no one is home, over and over again. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 calls, just minutes apart. They never leave a message on the answering machine. If you call the number on caller id back, a recording says the number is not in service. Just another scam.

(626) 454-0054

Bloop said

When did you start receiving calls from that number.

(626) 443-0049

Irritated said

I use a program on my phone called TrapCall. It transcribes voice mails when one is left without me being bothered by it. This number called both my cell phone and my husband's. TrapCall transcribed this, and the transcription is not accurate due to the low volume at which the caller spoke. New voicemail transcription from: (626) 443-0049 Temple City CA (10/10/14 1:08 PM) This is a message for _________ call my name is Carla and I'm contacting you on behalf of birth social services

(626) 617-0272

PAH said

this # keeps calling my land line, but never leaves a message

(626) 667-0017

Jon Peters said

They sent me a text sms, wanting to know if my bike was sold. Is is an add I placed on the web adds ine the Quebec Province, Canada. They seems to be from La Puente, California, if true that is ! This is just some commercial company that, once you reply, they want to sell you anything or everything. Just a phishing scam if any ! Don't reply, flush them ! Lost of time !

(626) 468-0021

Doug said

Seems to call every three to four days in the early evening. Never leaves a message. Identified as "California"

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