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(620) 255-0193

Tree of Wellness said

He is prank calling us.

(620) 392-0026

DeeDee said

Keep getting calls from this number (and others),even though I'm on the Do Not Call list! What good is the DNC list if these scam/spam/robocalls still continue constantly?

(620) 322-0071

Missi said

I really need to answer,just to see if they say anything.whats really odd 620 203 2590 and 620302 0077 are in areas where my parents knew people,just kind of freaks me out.i wish they would leave a message but they don't so I just put it as spam.

(620) 392-0026


Got a call from this number today left no voicemail so I guess it wasn't important

(620) 392-0026

Martee said

Keep getting calls from this number. No reply when I answer. Line always busy when I return call.

(620) 392-0026

Kathy said

Person on the other end wanted to help me manage my "pain" using things already covered by my health insurance. I told him I doubted it would cover the only pain I had at the moment which was him.

(620) 322-0015

bud said

can't pronounce name so I don;t respond

(620) 392-0026

Gracie said

They called, when I answered it, they hung up. Tried calling the number back and got "all our reps are busy at the moment, please call back." So, I blocked them.

(620) 392-0026

Sherrylr said

If I don't recognize the number or there is not a person's name I don't answer. I let the answering machine get it. If they don't leave a message, I just block them. We get so many scammer calls everyday it is ridiculous. This is just one of many.

(620) 392-0026

Really said

They keep calling not once leaving a voice mail maybe if they left a voice mail and it was important I would answer

(620) 772-0019

Bob said

Are you still mad?

(620) 392-0026

spooky said

I am getting calls from this phone number-I do not know this number and will not answer

(620) 392-0026

browneyes said

I have been getting call from this number. I do not answer calls if a name doesn't show up.

(620) 322-0206

Oz said

Who is this from?

(620) 322-0012

CJ said

They have called twice tonight, and everytime I answer, they hang up the phone.

(620) 322-0206

ALJ said

I got one too. I didn't answer

(620) 322-0206

Zayn said

Got a call this morning and i didnt answer but i would like to know who it is

(620) 669-0205

kev said

It's a fax number for Key Management in Hutchinson- employee Renee Wehremister keeps calling off of it to disguse number- report her please.

(620) 392-0026

Azrael said

I keep getting unwanted calls from this number

(620) 878-0019

nena said

this person is a SCAMMER!! "Selling" 2003 ford f150 around $2245! was told to get more info/photos by emailing many posts on craigslist in different states (los angles,CA. Houston,TX. Bakersfield,CS Greenville,SC. augusta,Al. las vegas,NV much more)

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