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(619) 743-7181

Jonathan said

Credit reporting spam

(619) 324-8642

Jonathan said

Another damn solar/energy spamming telemarketer

(619) 313-4498

Jonathan said

Sales call using "CA green energy program" for home upgrades. Spam.

(619) 293-5631

Jonathan said

Solar spam.

(619) 672-5633

Jonathan said

Spam trying to sell me a new credit card

(619) 398-4901

Gerry said

High Tech High school

(619) 789-0342

Jonathan said

"You qualify... fabulous 2 night cruise..." etc etc etc

(619) 361-8321

Jonathan said

Solar spam.

(619) 344-0697

Jonathan said

Solar spam.

(619) 324-4724

Jonathan said

Spam call telling me I could permanently reduce my electric bill. Presumably solar.

(619) 743-3036

Jonathan said

"Your phone number has been selected for a complimentary stay at Marriot hotels..." Assuming spam.

(619) 630-0599

Jonathan said

Missed a call from this number; no message left

(619) 955-8605

Jonathan said

"Competitive Edge"... polling company in San Diego

(619) 743-9692

Jonathan said

Supposedly the Marriott group.... Saying I've been specially selected etc etc

(619) 378-1042

Jonathan said

Student loan spam

(619) 791-0125

Betty said


(619) 521-0030

J said

Southern CA careers. Meet with us. Sounds like a training and placement firm that charges the job seeker.

(619) 415-0061

Dharma said

They hung up as soon as I answered.

(619) 225-0033

Tamera013 said

Did get a call but no name or message.

(619) 250-0020

Goya said

Bola de tontas

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