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(608) 515-0023

co said

Creep! More specifically Pediphile!

(608) 291-3582

MMG said

Same. Compliants filed and to call back or press one to talk to an operator, but then it just hangs up even though there's no other options.

(608) 287-0001

Josie said

Got a call from this number and am wondering who it is

(608) 291-3582

Stephanie said

I get a call from this number and the message is always a computer message stating they are calling regarding complaints being filed in their office and that I should call back (844)334-9797. What BS! Nice try routing the call through a local number near me.

(608) 719-0068

David said

sell me warranty for car I have never owned.

(608) 467-0012

someone said

I answer, they won't say anything and hang up. I called back and after it rings forever a voicemail comes on that I couldn't catch the name. I think it is scam calling.

(608) 203-4847

Kris said

Wondering who this was?

(608) 620-0121

Kayleigh said

Said I wouldn't know his plan until it was too late, then hung up...

(608) 620-0121

Kk said

Yeah he's called me 4 times this month, finally I picked up and said hello, then he hung up without speaking... very weird.

(608) 620-0121

Trent Resnor said

Gangstalking telephone call. Said something like "We are watching Everthing you do ", "We are in your home "things like that! Block this A Hole if you can.

(608) 620-0121

Sd said

Asked if I had seen his baseball??

(608) 620-0121

Leif Spilde said

caller asked me what I was wearing then asked me to send naked pictures of myself then said he was masturbating right now. I blocked the number

(608) 620-0121

Mike Mordas said

I like to bang chicks over 60 with huge bush.

(608) 620-0121

vic said

When I answered, noone would speak. Just hung up.

(608) 620-0121

Jessie said

Thank you, Bud. I missed the call and was wondering what it was!

(608) 620-0121


Like Bud told it.

(608) 620-0121

Bud said

Car insurance sales pitch. Didn't stay on long enough to find out what company

(608) 906-0014

nut crusher said


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