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Thomas Atwood (name) said

I run a nonprofit education foundation,, based on robotics and am not an idiot, and this guy calls me and tries to tell me that the record of transactions in my computer is malicious malware. The particular files can be located by keying the Windows key plus "R", which brings up "eventvwr" that simply tracks transactions. There are logs in there that have labels like "error" and "critical" and to the untrained eye is convincingly appearing to be spyware/malware. When he realized I was onto him he hung up. Are the police in that area code probing this criminal activity? Somebody should contact them to report this activity.

(607) 722-9687

scam alert said

Yes this is a scam.

(607) 722-9687

Joshua said

Its a scam that trys to convice you that your computer has viruses and install a remote desktop service

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