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(603) 350-0073

Jojo Yaz said

Someone called my phone from this number. Called back. Its a recording that says "good bye"

(603) 965-0120

Sil said

Keeps calling here. Plays a recording of a crazy preacher. The caller ID says it's Edgar Breisch. It's a Londonderry, NH # and a man by that name exists.

(603) 968-0098

sos said

crazy message when I called this number back. some scam I'm sure.

(603) 968-0098

DJ said

Phoned 730pm no message

(603) 968-0098


Yes.... Please report it to the No Call Registry Complaints.

(603) 350-0067

Gary said

(603) 494-0076

Ben said

(603) 228-0109

Hummingbird said

Says they're looking for Peter brown & that's not me. Calling me frequently despite texting them that's not the correct information & they refuse to correct/stop harassment

(603) 965-0097

crl said

These people call me everyday. I tell them to stop. They call again the same day or next day. They won't stop calling me. I reported them to the attorney general.

(603) 410-0093

Dan said

Calling multiple times and not leaving voicemail. Going to block them.

(603) 410-0093

Jimmy said

Same as everyone else, calls often, never leaves voicemail

(603) 410-0093


Same as below

(603) 410-0093

me said

no message

(603) 410-0093

Paul said

Answered, just silence... I blocked it.

(603) 965-0128

Robert said

Asked for my wife then hung up when said she wasn't available.

(603) 818-0009

ioioio said


(603) 410-0093

Pj said

They call and you get automated service telling you to hold.

(603) 632-0024

me said

missed call but no vm

(603) 371-0090

nancy said

reported them to nat dnc registry since i am registered scam how to become a millionare working from home in a get rich scheme plot asking for money. they keep calling even after being reported prior they dont have a dnc number when you call back either. it is robotic message.

(603) 626-0008

DANI said

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