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(602) 544-0008

mom said


(602) 930-0416

Sandra said

This number keep calling my phone but wont say nothing. How do i find out who it is

(602) 275-6140

Michael said

Calls at 730 AM Arizona time, leaves no message

(602) 933-0001

Trbs said

Bad caller

(602) 791-4409

Johnathan said

Dude your on something!

(602) 265-1143

Joe said

I got one this morning 12/19/16. Didn't answer and didn't get a message.

(602) 357-0037

Graystone55 said

How about telling something about why you say that Fred. Your comments are useless if you don't say what your issues with them was.

(602) 357-0037

FRED said


(602) 488-0999

grace said

she is (likely) under 25, in a call center, somewhere. States the sompany is in Arizona, did not mention the city. Polite. There is no such name as 'Private Energy Informational Fund' given as the 'name of the company', on line. Wants to set up a face to face, at your home, to discuss government program to place solar on your home. If you're interested, meet at a public place and ask them about liabilities and guarantees, and where you would live during installation.

(602) 933-0001

xx said

(602) 933-0001

Pete said


(602) 371-0057

Annoyed said

Calls a lot does not leave message. I'm tired of these calls.

(602) 252-5742

Cathy said

I have received two phones calls very early this morning. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know. No message left either. I assume if it is important they will leave a message.

(602) 333-0581

Dee said

That comment above was regarding 602-333-5817

(602) 333-5815

Dee said

Claims Dept for auto's

(602) 643-0003

andrea said

I did too, i believe it's from american home warranty?

(602) 319-0003

Rh said

2 calls today, no msg

(602) 828-1711

Davey said

nut-bag on the other end! surprised you can even make a phone call

(602) 429-0128

Jack Mehoff said

These are very nasty people.

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