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(601) 882-0085

Megan said

Who is this they call 50 times a day

(601) 488-0098

TA said

Got the exact same call, from the asst to Dr. Hughes. I am not returning the call.

(601) 488-0098

AF said

Same call from Kelly. Sounds like a scam. "Not about a patient, a personal / professional matter." Not calling....

(601) 488-0098

Dr. H. said

Our office received a call from "Donna" who said she was calling for Dr. James Hughes about a personal matter, asking that I call back. I do not know a Dr. James Hughes. A search shows there is an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. James Hughes in Jackson, MS. The area code is the same, but the phone number is different. Some physicians do utilization reviews for insurance companies who request peer to peer discussions about ordered tests or treatments to determine if the insurance company will pay for it. However, that was not the reason "Donna" gave. I am not calling back. They can call again if this was a legitimate call.

(601) 488-0098

DV said

Just got a call from "Kelly" asking for my doctor to return her call "a personal matter" looked up physician. . . Did not forward the message. it is a scam. . . .

(601) 488-0098

T said

Also got a call from Kelly from a Dr Jim Hughes asking to speak with a Dr at our office. Called her back, got the answering machine. Googled this number and Dr's name, but no office listing showed up. Sounds fishy.

(601) 882-0082

annon said

Telemarketer - trying to sell security systems. They have called me 4 times in the last hour so far. The first time I picked up I got a click. The second time got a recording and hung up. So they have called me two more times in quick succession so far since I picked up. I am on the no call list so they are violators. Reply !

(601) 761-0004

JWL said

I got a call from this # and the person asked for a David McLarin.

(601) 882-0082

Vance said

This number is calling me. It is a nuisance

(601) 863-0154

Mac said

it was an unwanted call with an immediate hang up.

(601) 640-0002

shelby said

Answered said hello then they hung up I called back no answer if you know something please let me know

(601) 640-0002

NUNYA said


(601) 401-0054


Fraud Listing on Craig's list 2004 Yamaha R1 $2,500.00!! This is a scam and it's a great one had me already sending them money... Thanks to eBay transaction was canceled!

(601) 686-0003

jimm said

this number calling me its a strange number

(601) 488-0098

RENE said

Received an unexplained call from a Dr. Hughes but a Kelly called and when asked to be transferred to the physician that wanted to call our Dr., she said she would talk first so we hung up.

(601) 664-0193

Lid said

I got a call no message

(601) 955-0073

Fedup said

Received a call from "Jackson Mississippi?" By the time I got to the phone they had hung up. They didn't leave a message and I don't know anyone in or from Jackson Mississippi.

(601) 898-0410

qwe said


(601) 660-0050

red said


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