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(571) 319-5621

SC said

Calls but never leaves a message

(571) 471-0074

tyler s said

What police dept was he from. WHAT CITY?

(571) 319-5624

Got enough cards alr said

Calling about credit card interest rate reduction.

(571) 402-0159

Parly said

Keeps calling and hangs up...very annoying...I answer and then nothing. I'll try to block the number.

(571) 572-0132

Archie said

This individual is trying to get into houses that are on the market in Charleroi pa they set up a time to meet and then do not show up good thing I had the police here with me when I asked the lady a full grown woman with nothing but time on her hands to play games she told me her name was virginia when I asked for a last name she hung up the phone my house is fully equipped with an alarm and cameras this person is out for no good she harassed be for days on end

(571) 296-0202

D said


(571) 402-0021

Islander said

I got this call telling me that a lawsuit was being done against me for fraud. this is a Bogus call I tired calling and no answer I called the IRS and reported it.

(571) 316-0075

Kathy said

I got a text from this number. I called and no answer.N

(571) 402-0021

a2writermom said

Bogus call from "The IRS" telling me that I would be subjut of a criminal investigation. Yada yada. The robo-caller had a very thick Eastern European Background. Block this number.

(571) 471-0074

iona said

Said he was a police officer.

(571) 271-0103

dre said

Who are they

(571) 305-0021

Smalls said

(571) 485-0072

Kaithsi Damha said

yes got 2 calls but missed.....

(571) 226-0086

Devone said

Call from someone named Anna

(571) 232-0174

Biz said

the message said "helloooooo! Had to change my dress, my damn boobs were not looking cute" and then had a picture of a girl taking a selfie on a mirror, fully dressed and pretty distant from the mirror, so not the clearest photo, but i could see the bathroom sink and faucet making me think this person could have hacked the picture or something else. I'm not sure. Still. I also recieved two more texts, one just with the text again, and the other with the photo.

(571) 261-0021

Bobby said

Yes this morning i get a call it ask me to hold on a man gets on the phone says my name and then hangs up weird don't like it.

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