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(561) 542-0024


Yup fell into one of his scams and next thing ya know 2 credit card were opened in my name.... $800 charge in Seattle and $600 charge in north carolina (right at the same time)

(561) 542-0024

Rel said

Do you know his last name?

(561) 542-0024

Rel said

This man told me he worked for Comcast. He may but after seeing these posts I'm very happy I did not give him my social security number when he asked for it. Please report him to the better business bureau if he has scammed you.

(561) 294-0190

Mom said

(561) 543-0081

Jordan jenifer said

Truck stop hooker

(561) 948-0175

Kit said

Many calls. I did not answere.

(561) 542-0024

darrinisadick said

Darrin is a douche bag who is full of self-importance. He should teach his children some manners, instead of teaching them how to steal Christmas presents from others. Please google dumb duo steal Christmas.

(561) 542-0024

DarrenHater2 said

Your wife is so hot.

(561) 542-0024

Scammed said

Yep....signed up through him for a Comcast subscription and shortly after had collectors calling me from various utility companies because accounts had been opened with my Social Security information. Steer clear of this guy

(561) 542-0024

DarrinHater2 said

Darrin is a fucking asshole. He needs his ass kicked from one end of the earth to the other. His kid Brandon is also a fucking asshole. These guys will still your social security and sell it. Fucking losers.

(561) 354-0026

flores said

This number call me to many time during the day maybe scam

(561) 542-0024

darrinhater said

This guy keeps calling my work and he is lying saying that someone wants to be paged for his call. He also said to me "I am very important and someone is waiting for my call". He is not. Darrin you are an asshole.

(561) 289-0033

Wicked Diana said

Found on Facebook an warning about Jeffrey P Cooper of Boca Raton scammed an elderly gentleman because he is scum and has never earned an honest living in his life. Also scammed an individual in CA and asked for marajuana to be shipped to him from California while soliciting business. Scammed a buisness in Arizona promising an advertsing campaign that was never delivered. Scammed a local buisness in Boca promising huge internet traffic to the owner. Never happend. He asks for wire payments and does not sign or gives contracts to perform. BEWARE OF THIS ROACH! Cooper wil deny and deny because he is a compulsive liar and is so jaded he really doesn't know right from wrong. He is looking to sell this business now.

(561) 715-0038

kory said

This is my girls number. What's up with you Bro?

(561) 594-0010

Bothered said

Nasty people speaking Spanish. Travel scam. Reported to consumer division FL AG office.

(561) 289-0033

Jonathan said said


(561) 702-6749

dusu said

(561) 401-0197

zig said

name and address of party making call

(561) 290-0033

CD said

This number keeps calling my phone asking for some person and I have told them over and over again they have the wrong number. Once the guy called me a liar and said that I was this person he was trying to reach. I wished this POS would stop calling my phone. I added the number to the blocked list but the number keeps showing up on my phone. I believe it is a scam!

(561) 771-0019

Florida said

Keeps calling I don't know what it is

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