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(541) 689-0206

d said


(541) 219-0067

Abuela said

A message was left on my answering machine. It indicated it was from a sheriff's office. When I returned the call, I was told to leave a message. So far they have not called back. I was upset as I do not hear from a sheriff unless there is a real problem somewhere.

(541) 749-0133

jair said

hey i got a question

(541) 499-0245

DKR said

fraud from this number - caller threatened us with criminal charges if we did not call and make arrangement - this is all fraud - left a different number to respond to - this is all fraud!

(541) 255-0278

Lle said

Are they telemarketing, collection agency, what?

(541) 234-0012


Do not call my phone again

(541) 228-0182

#illuminatr said

found a bunch of old files hidden away in a desk found the number 228-0182 on one of the files illuminati confirmed

(541) 760-0006

L said

Received one call, no voicemail.

(541) 772-0090

Jadine said

I think it's Century Link

(541) 833-0023

Kay said

Getting missed calls... Never leave a message.

(541) 883-0019

chase said

(541) 241-0017

LMB said

texted me and said HaHa Tibbs. Tried to send me a message but thankfully my phone is old...wouldn't accept it. don't respond to this number

(541) 609-0164

sam said


(541) 620-0099

Carol said

I was called at 5:18am. Thought someone had died.

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