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(515) 758-0109

Caitlin said


(515) 850-0046

Prosthetic59 said

Yes......many many calls and texts.

(515) 975-0015

Brian said

Answered, he said he missed a call from me about 20 minutes ago...I looked and no outgoing call from my cell in the history.

(515) 270-0061

John said

General web search says this number is for Regulus inc. out of UrbanDale, IA, which may be a legit biz with a their number hijacked, but gotten numerous calls for my wife trying to get her credit card info. She fell victim to a magazine scam years ago and they got away with at least a few thousand before we were able to halt it. Sounds like this scam may be related to them - using same tactics. May be the same company reorganized under a new name.

(515) 758-0235

Maureen said

(515) 758-0235


received a call from this number. No message.

(515) 370-0032


I'm on a golfing list. I don't golf.

(515) 221-0033

Ben Carpenter said

This number has called us for hours and wont stop

(515) 221-0033

KEY said

Auto fax repeatedly dialing my home phone # Very annoying!

(515) 337-0225

Robin Hanks said

He have a profile on yes its a scam!!!

(515) 661-0024

Someone said

i just got a random text from this person.

(515) 208-0012

jeff said

dont know what they wanted, i didnt answer

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